Hand-registered trend domains can take a while to pay off

I waited over five years for AI domains to pay off.

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How long do I have to wait to sell a domain?

Last month I sold three domains that were hand registrations from a single order in 2017.

Why did these domains, which were registered on the same day in 2017, suddenly sell this month? Because they’re related to artificial intelligence, which is hitting peak hype cycle.

I hand-registered 23 AI-related domain names in 2017 and hadn’t sold a single one until now. Now, three in one month.

The lesson: hand-registered domains based on trending technologies can take a while to pay off. If they ever do.

It’s true that some people quickly flip domains that are based on hot trends. Last year some investors made great sales of meta domains they had only recently registered or acquired. Some of this was the special circumstance of a company deciding to brand itself as a hot topic. The metaverse hype cycle has faded, and it might be a long time before many of these domains pay off, if ever.

The nice thing is that you as the domain investor can choose how long you want to hold onto these domains. Perhaps you’re just playing the lottery and are willing to hold onto the domains for a year. But if they don’t sell right away, you might need to hold on much longer. I’ve held onto some trend domains for over a decade before deciding to cut bait.


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