End user domain sales up to $90,000

A clothing brand, a vacuum technology company, and a real estate developer bought domain names.

picture of rolled currency with the words "end-user domain sales"

Sedo’s top public sale this week is knowledgebase.com. A company that operates on the .ai version of this name bought the matching .com.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

KnowledgeBase.com $90,000 – This domain forwards to Knowledgebase.ai, a business that offers knowledge base technology for corporations.

LeandroLopes.com $10,000 – Leandro Lopes is a clothing brand.

TFHE.com $8,599 – Zama Group offers products for fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), and it describes TFHE as an FHE scheme that’s also known as CGGI.

Schmalz.cz € 6,000 – Schmalz is a vacuum technology company. It forwards this domain to schmalz.com.

Celtic.tv $5,000 – This domain forwards to celtic.com, which will be an Irish streaming network.

Mcon.de €4,165 – MCON is a consulting company. It forwards this domain to mcon-consulting.de.

Nextnet.de €3,500 – Nexnet is a business process outsourcing company for payments and subscriptions. The domain is a typo of its name that I suspect a lot of people mistake for the company’s actual name.

Inkily.com $3,215 – This one is weird. It helps physicians and trainees generate radiology lectures based on medical journal articles personalized to their academic interest. So, using AI to develop lectures.

WaterColorsHotels.com $3,000 – The St Joe Company is a real estate developer in Florida. You might like its domain name: joe.com.

FlightCard.com $2,980 – HotelMap.com Limited offers hotel bookings for events. Perhaps this will be something similar for flights.

EatGreen.net $2,888 – Eat Green is a food certification program. It’s designed for foods that can’t obtain organic certification.

Embleme.fr €2,450 – This will be a jewelry business. Its English equivalent is emblem.

Bavaria.com.ar $2,000 – Bavaria is a blue cheese maker in Argentina.




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