Thoughts: Amazon, Epik, in-person meetings

Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about in the domain industry lately. pay for .joy top level domain
Amazon hasn’t done much with its TLDs. The copyright date on this page at is 2016.

Could Amazon sell its new TLDs? When will Epik pay its customers? And the importance of in-person meetings.

Will Amazon sell its new TLDs?

When Amazon reported its latest earnings, it said it was going to shut down some of its initiatives to trim costs. I have to wonder if the company will decide to sell off some of its new top level domains. It has done very little with its domains. I’d call its efforts to date experiments, and none of these experiments seem to be bearing fruit. I’m sure new TLD companies have called in the past about extensions like .joy, .talk, .like, and .hot. Maybe they should try again as Amazon discovers austerity.


A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Epik’s CEO about what’s going on at the company. One of my big concerns is that the company isn’t paying people it owes money to. A bunch still haven’t been paid. The only conclusion I can draw is that the company doesn’t currently have the money to pay everyone what it owes them. While I’m hopeful that the company’s new management team can turn the company around, the best way it can prove it is by paying people what it owes them, even if that means raising some outside funds. And yesterday.

In-person meetings

I’m at the ICANN Contracted Parties Summit in Los Angeles. This annual (before Covid) event brings together registrars and registries to talk about topics that are impacting them.

It’s only the second in-person domain event I’ve been to since the pandemic hit, and I’m reminded of the importance of getting together in person. I’ve had a lot of great conversations and gotten ideas for stories. These are conversations that wouldn’t have happened in a remote setting.

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