Be the first to get Google’s .ing domain hack…for only $1 million

Registrars are asking for over $1 million to register a single .ing domain.

Wooden treasure chest with one hundred dollar blls
You’ll need to open a treasure chest to get .ing domains when they first launch.

Google is launching the .ing top level domain name later this month with a unique early access pricing schedule.

.Ing is designed as a domain hack. Think,, or

And like most top level domain launches, there will be a reverse auction-style early access period. During this launch phase, people can get the domains before general availability if they pay  more.

What’s unusual about the .ing early access period is the length and the pricing.

Early access will run from October 31 to December 5. That’s longer than the one-week period most TLDs launch with.

During the first month of the phase, prices will drop every week. Then, on November 29, prices begin to drop every day.

But call the banker because the first month of early access is remarkably expensive.

Here’s 101Domain’s pricing schedule:

  • Week 1: $1,100,000
  • Week 2: $340,000
  • Week 3: $115,000
  • Week 4: $35,000

I have no idea what Google’s wholesale pricing is. But one other registrar I found offering .ing early access — — is quoting $1.6 million for the first week.

General availability prices are fairly standard. 101Domain plans to charge just $14.99 starting December 5. You might want to wait for that.

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