“AI” and “bet” still hot in aftermarket domain names

Afternic reveals top keywords in aftermarket sales in June.

Top keywords at Afternic in June, including May ranking in paranthesis: my (#2 in May) ai (1) group (3) home (8) bet (5) tech (9) life (7) pro (10) health (4) shop (17) business world your (16) capital news global (12) get (18) co best (15) solutions (6)

Afternic has revealed the top 20 keywords in domain names sold in June through its platform.

The list, which filters out many filler words, shows that domains with AI in them remain hot. “Bet” is also a popular word again. (On today’s DNW Podcast, Identity Digital Chief Revenue Officer Matt Overman discusses how the company’s .bet TLD is hot right now and discloses a large sale.)

Here’s the complete list, including where the domain landed in May if it was on the list.

  1. my (#2 in May)
  2. ai (1)
  3. group (3)
  4. home (8)
  5. bet (5)
  6. tech (9)
  7. life (7)
  8. pro (10)
  9. health (4)
  10. shop (17)
  11. business
  12. world
  13. your (16)
  14. capital
  15. news
  16. global (12)
  17. get (18)
  18. co
  19. best (15)
  20. solutions (6)

The stickiness of some of these words should be helpful to domain name investors.

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