16 recent end user domain sales

A web3 game developer, an interior designer, and a Hawaiian news publication bought domains.

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Sedo sent out public sales for the past three weeks earlier this week. I already covered the first week of end user sales, and this post covers the second two weeks.

You can view previous lists like this here.

Hytopia.com $10,000 – Hytopia is a web3 game under development.

NetworkMedia.com $9,999 – Network Media is an influencer marketing company.

Devmark.com $6,000 – Devmark is a real estate marketing business in the UAE.

IoTTag.com $5,133 – IoT Tag is an asset tracking business.

Kipp.ca €5,000 – Kipp engineers and manufactures clamping tools, standard components, and operating parts.

AsiaPokerTour .com $5,000 – This domain forwards to TheAsianPokerTour .com, which covers a poker tour in Asia.

Peticare.com $5,000 – Peticard International is a pet products company.

Solutional.com $5,000 – Solutional is an interior designer.

Avagi.com $4,995 – After reviewing the site, I’m getting flashbacks to the movie Her. Avagi creates AI sidekicks: “Avagi is a digital entity, tailored to any appearance you prefer, equipped with knowledge you find fascinating, possess capacities you admire, or engage in specific relationships that intrigue you.”

HawaiiStar.com $4,000 – Hawaiian news publication Hawaii Pulse bought this domain. It was previously called Hawaii Star.

TI-service.com €3,900 – TI Service is a telecom and IT firm in Germany. It forwards this domain to the matching .info.

JumJum.com €3,200 – F1 Soft International is a digital financial services business. I have no idea why it bought this domain.

OpenAPI.de €2,998 – Openapi bills itself as the largest Italian API marketplace. It forwards this domain to the matching .ai domain.

ElectricPig.co.uk £2,500 – PureMedia OÜ acquired this domain for a site about security and privacy.

Helm.ch €2,450 – Helm Advisors is a financial advisory firm. It forwards this domain to its website at HelmAdvisors.ch.

Papierlos.de €2,000 – papierlos GmbH bought this domain. It hasn’t launched yet, but the name translates as “paperless”.

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