These Afternic keywords can be helpful for domain investors

These words showed up more than others in domains that recently sold at Afternic.

List of top keywords at Afternic

Last week, Afternic tweeted a graphic showing the top keywords in domains sold on its platform in February. The keywords in order are:

  1. the
  2. my
  3. for
  4. home
  5. i
  6. your
  7. of
  8. best
  9. new
  10. in
  11. ai
  12. get
  13. law
  14. and
  15. services
  16. tech
  17. real
  18. group
  19. life

This list could be very helpful to domain investors. Many of the words in here are “throwaway” words that you won’t want to target in domains (e.g. ‘and’ and ‘of’), but others are useful. For example, .ai jumped high on the list. (I sold three domains with ‘ai’ in them at Afternic in February.)

I think this data is more useful than Sedo’s search data because these are actual purchases rather than searches. Another keyword resource is Squadhelp, which provides data including sell-through rates for keywords to members.

Kudos to Afternic for sharing this information.

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