Some updates on the Uniregistry to Afternic transition

Before you use the migration tool…

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Earlier this week, I wrote about the closure of Uniregistry Market and the process for moving your domains to Afternic.

Shortly after writing the article, I decided to dig into the migration process. I clicked the link to migrate and got a 502 error. I refreshed the page, and it said the migration was in process.

I was a bit stunned because I expected some sort of confirmation step explaining exactly what would migrate. There wasn’t, and the migration was in process.

My first concern was about pricing. I have some old pricing for domains in Uniregistry that were never updated. Would these override my current prices at Afternic?

Some good news here: if the domain is already at Afternic, it won’t migrate. That said, the migration process does attempt to transfer pricing, so if you have a domain listed at Uni but not at Afternic, that data will transfer.

The second concern was all of the old domains in Uniregistry that I no longer own. Because Uniregistry sold domains through landing pages rather than a marketplace, there was no reason to delete domains when they sold elsewhere or expired.

It makes sense that if you migrate, these domains will be added to Afternic. Since there was no confirmation step, I couldn’t stop this process — and it means I have a bunch of domains in my Afternic account now that I’ll need to clean up and delete. That’s going to create some extra work.

The bottom line is that very few people should need to use the migration tool. It only makes sense if you regularly added domains to Uni without adding them to Afternic.

One other update…Theo at DomainGang figured out a workaround to download all of your sales negotiation history.

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