Remember that time GoDaddy tried to compete with eBay and Amazon?

GoDaddy created a goods marketplace in 2009.

Screenshot of GoDaddy marketplace in 2011
Screenshot of GoDaddy Marketplace in 2011, from Wayback Machine

I’ve been covering the domain name industry for so long that sometimes I can’t remember if something happened in the past or not. Last night I was thinking about a time that GoDaddy tried to create a marketplace to compete with eBay and Amazon.

So I searched the archive and found what I was looking for.

In 2009, GoDaddy announced it wanted to leverage its site traffic by creating a marketplace where people could buy and sell goods. The company would charge a monthly fee plus a 10% commission.

This was different from enabling customers to sell stuff through their own sites, which was a separate e-commerce product available at the time. Needless to say, running a physical goods marketplace was a bit outside of GoDaddy’s wheelhouse.

Creating a marketplace of buyers and sellers is tricky, and GoDaddy gave up on the idea a couple of years later.

But oh, the nostalgia of seeing that ugly site circa 2011. Be sure to check out “Bob’s Video Blog.” Just make sure your Flash player is working.

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