New end user domain sales up to $50,000

A University, an NFT project and a grocer bought domain names.

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Over the past week, Sedo’s top public sale was for $60,000. It’s unclear who bought it and if it’s an end user.

Beyond that, the top three sales were domains.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $50,000 – It’s not clear who bought the domain, but the site is under development and this is definitely an end user sale. $45,000 – Technische Universitaet Nuernberg (University of Technology Nuremberg) uses for its website. €30,000 – This domain forwards to a gaming download site promoting games in Germany. $15,000 – I don’t understand what DFRNT does after reading its splash page. Something about products and services for changemakers. $12,000 – North Sales Group is a sailmaker and sailing wear company. Some of the products it sells are made with a brand of fiber called Cuben. $11,000 – Did .museum loosen its restrictions? Because this domain forwards to, an NFT project that probably doesn’t qualify as a museum. $10,000 – Twentysecond is a FinTech company. €7,500 – This site is under development but it seems that Nestliebe will be a children’s product company or maternity business. $5,888 –’s appetite for domains is insatiable. €5,750 – Ascensor is a digital agency in the UK. It forwards this domain to €5,000 – PIP says it connects Web3 to social media. It uses the domain $4,995 – This domain forwards to CJdropshipping .com, a site that offers dropshipped goods. $3,500 – Titan Ventures is an early stage investment company. This is probably for one of its portfolio companies. $3,200 – A coming soon page suggests this will be a blockchain company. $2,710 – Springfield Grocers Company markets its private label products under the Yellow Bonnet label. $2,203 – connectFree Corporation is an internet technology company. This might be a play on Web3. $2,250 – This domain forwards to, which is owned by National Watch & Diamond Exchange. This company is affiliated with National A-1 Advertising, which should bring back memories for long-time domain investors. $2,200 – Nomadaware is an IT consulting company. It uses the domain

TheWarReport .com $2,000 – Empire Media Group acquired this domain for a news site about war.

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