MicroAcquire paid $200,000 for acquire.com [Updated]

Company acquired domain after publicly discussing a rebrand.

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MicroAcquire pulled out its wallet to acquire acquire.com.

Online business marketplace MicroAcquire paid $200,000 million to acquire the acquire.com domain name.

MicroAcquire founder Andrew Gazdecki said the purchase price was $2,000,000 in response to a question on Twitter today:

He later said it was actually $200,000. I guess it was some sort of joke.

The company acquired the domain name after publicly disclosing plans to rebrand as Acquire. The company started as a platform for buying and selling very small businesses but has now expanded to handle larger deals, so the “micro” is misleading.

interviewed Gazdecki on Domain Name Wire Podcast #387.

This story has been updated to reflect that the original tweet about paying $2 million for the domain was not correct. It was $200,000.

Post link: MicroAcquire paid $200,000 for acquire.com [Updated]

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