It’s now free to connect a real domain to Ethereum Name Service

Smart contract enables Gasless DNSSEC to import domains to use on ENS.

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Short numeric .eth domains are hot right now.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has implemented “Gasless DNSSEC”, making it easier to use real domain names with ENS.

ENS is a blockchain-based system that acts as a web3 username. You might be familiar with names ending in .eth. These are ENS’s original implementation that is akin to domain names for wallet address. Instead of remembering a long wallet address, people could use a .eth name instead. It’s similar to how DNS-based domain names replace IP addresses.

People could use real domain names in place of .eth domains for a while, but setting it up (or making changes) could be costly because of Ethereum gas fees that could be as high as 0.5 ETH.

Now, a new smart contract eliminates the need for a large amount of DNSSEC proof needed to be saved to the Ethereum blockchain. Essentially, it will allow DNS records to be verified via an off-chain gateway and eliminate the gas fee.

This means you can use your real domain names in the ENS ecosystem for free.

Domain name owners will need to enable DNSSEC and add a TXT record, but will no longer have to pay gas fees.

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