Identity Digital sees abuse up a bit in Q3

Identity Digital has published its second quarterly abuse review, showing abuse reports up slightly overall.

The report, which covers the third quarter 2022, also shows that the registry only released the private Whois information for a single domain during the period.

ID said it closed 3,225 abuse cases in Q3, up from 3,007 in Q2, covering 4,615 domains, up from 3,816. The vast majority — almost 93% — related to phishing. That’s in line with the previous quarter.

In about 1,500 cases, the domains in question where suspended by the registry or registrar in the first 24 hours, the report says. In 630 cases, the registry took action after the registrar failed to act within 72 hours.

The company received five complaints about child sexual abuse material from the Internet Watch Foundation during the period, up a couple on Q2, but all were remediated by the registrars in question.

It received four takedown notices from the Motion Picture Association under the registry’s Trusted Notifier Program, all of which resulted in suspended domains.

There were requests for private Whois information for 20 domains, three of which were intellectual property related, but only one resulted in disclosure. In 12 cases ID took the decision not to disclose.

The company has over 260 gTLDs in its stable and over 5.5 million registered domains.

The full slide deck can be viewed here (pdf).

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