ICANN’s top brass get pay raises

ICANN’s CEO and several top executives are to receive pay raises amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

The Org’s board of directors has approved a 4% raise for Göran Marby and four other of the top brass, with CFO Xavier Calvez getting an extra 4.5%.

The board also approved the payment of Marby’s bonus, but the amount — capped at 30% of his salary — will likely not be disclosed until ICANN files its tax returns.

It’s the fourth year in a row the CEO has received a pay rise.

Last year it was 3% andthe year before’s was 5%, but it was not a unanimous decision of the board. It’s not yet known how this year’s vote broke down.

The other execs receiving a raise of up to 4% are general counsel John Jeffrey, senior VPs Theresa Swinehart and David Olive and CIO Ashwin Rangan. None of them earned less than $450,000 in ICANN’s last tax filings.

The board resolution states that Marby’s salary is still lower than the low end of the 50-75th percentile of comparable industry salaries, though this formula is sometimes criticized for weighing tech industry CEOs in with non-profit CEOs.

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