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In the past 5 years, there has been a shift in how the general public thinks about online data protection. Despite the vast amount of data companies hold on an individual, many were unconcerned or uneducated about how their data could be used or sold.

Recent laws such as GDPR and CCPA brought a broader focus to the data that can be collected online, giving agency to the individual over the storage of their data.

Data, though, is a valuable commodity, and the digital age makes it so easy to obtain, despite GDPR and CCPA measures. The data collected about you can, in some cases, be sold to third parties.

One entrepreneur has decided to tackle this issue by creating a company, Freeze, which helps users to stop businesses from selling their data.

Launched in November 2022, Freeze is the brainchild of CEO Domenic Perfetti, a serial entrepreneur who previously founded DigiCenter, ironically a data provider for marketers and publishers. Perfetti sold this company in 2021.

Through a subscription model, Perfetti’s new company, Freeze, finds businesses that have collected your data and directs them to not sell the data or to delete it.

Freeze is in its early days, but it is launching on a premium, trustworthy domain name,

According to Whois history, was previously owned by Frontline Media Inc., a company with a portfolio of hundreds of domain names. moved to a Whois privacy-protected GoDaddy account in late 2021 after displaying an for sale landing page. then held a basic coming soon page followed by an early iteration of the company’s current website, according to also shows that over the years, has been used for several projects, including hosting free downloadable content such as applications and music.

In its current form, provides the perfect platform for a new type of business tackling a pertinent issue. Trusting and paying a brand-new service to deal with your data could be a leap of faith many are unwilling to take. The premium domain name could make it easier for Freeze to establish itself faster.

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