Five cool Estibot tools you probably haven’t used

Estibot is more than just domain appraisals.

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A lot of people hear the name Estibot and all they think of is automated domain appraisals. But the company offers a lot more, and I used one of its other tools this week to save time.

I was listing some domains for sale on Domain Name Wire. The list I downloaded from my registrar had all sorts of capitalization. Some words were lowercase, and some were upper. I wanted it to all be lowercase.

That’s where Estibot’s Domain Parser came into use. Domain Parser extracts domains names from any input. It also outputs the list in lowercase, so this tool was perfect for what I needed.

Here are four other tools that might be helpful to domain investors:

  • Domain Word Parser – extracts words from within domains and determines their language
  • Domain Categorizer – automatically categorizes your list of domains by splitting them into words and assigning categories and subcategories. For example, it assigns to Internet > Domains.
  • Lead Generator – locates end user buyers for domains and allows you to contact them. Here’s how I used it back in 2010.
  • Business Locator – Finds offline businesses with the same business name or acronym as your domain.

There are over two dozen tools available, and more are added from time to time. Some tools require a paid membership that starts at $29 a month.

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