.de worst TLD for CSAM — report

Germany’s ccTLD, .de, was the worst in the world for hosting child sexual abuse material last year, according to the latest data from the Internet Watch Foundation, which many registries rely on for helping take down such material.

IWF said it found 802 unique .de domains hosting CSAM in 2023, a 1,995% increase compared to 2022. The second and third worst were .com and .ru, with 744 and 691 domains respectively. IWF noted that CSAM domains in .com were down 10% in the year.

Other TLDs in the top 10 were .cc, the non-DNS .onion, .top, .xyz, .pw, .ws and .net. The fastest-grower was Samoa’s .ws, managed by Global Domains International, which saw an increase to 2,966% to 184 unique domains.

.de was also the worst for commercial CSAM operations, IWF said. It found 783 such sites in 2023, all of which “openly displayed images and videos of child sexual abuse on the homepage”. That number in 2022 was zero, the report says.

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