Courier upgraded to It just raised $35M

It acquired for $200,000 two years ago.

Homepage for Courier that says "Product notifications should deliver joy"
Courier just raised $35M. It upgraded its domain for $200,000 in 2020.

There is a well-trodden path that startups can take regarding their domain name. That path involves picking the best available domain you can afford as a brand new venture and then upgrading to your first-choice domain name later.

Here’s an example: Courier, a developer platform for notifications across email, text, web, and mobile.

Founded in 2019, Courier focuses on providing an API to handle app notifications and route the notifications to providers such as Slack, Twilio, and SendGrid. Notifications can be powerful tools for businesses, but only if implemented correctly.

According to a Statista report from 2021, 42% of people change app notification settings when they feel they are receiving too many notifications, while 39% simply turn off all app notifications for that app. Overuse of notifications can have a detrimental effect on app usage and engagement.

While Courier doesn’t offer support for push notifications yet, it has effectively managed notification systems for hundreds of companies to date, saving countless hours of engineering.

Courier is a brand name that makes perfect sense for the product the company offers, but since it is a single-word name, was out of reach when Courier launched.

Instead, Courier secured and sensibly built its brand and product from the ground up, with founder Troy Goode, a former VP of engineering, leading the way. Courier even incorporated as, Inc.,

In August 2020, Courier acquired its exact-match .com,, from commercial printing company LSC Communications. The acquisition came just before Courier announced a $10.1 million Series A funding round, adding to the $2.4 million worth of funding it had previously disclosed.

At the time, details of Courier’s purchase price of were unknown, but a LinkedIn comment from founder Troy Goode confirmed the company paid $200,000 for Goode also confirmed that Keith Richter of Lumis represented the company in the deal.

Goode’s comment was made in response to Pilot founder Waseem Daher’s post that confirmed the $400,000 acquisition of

Since switching to, Courier has continued to build its product and recently announced a $35 million funding round that brings the company’s total funding to $47.5 million. The funding round was led by GV with contributions from Y Combinator, Twilio, and Bessemer.


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