Afternic’s “Get your hopes up” Center

Take a break from Afternic’s Lead Center this holiday weekend.

Image of Afternic Lead Center showing five domain leads
How many will close?

It’s been a little over three months since Afternic released Leads Center, giving more insight into which domains the company is working sales leads for in your portfolio.

Lead Center is a great tool. Afternic was a black box before adding this feature. Now, domain investors can see how many purchase leads their domains get, how often Afternic is working them, and the status of negotiations.

But there’s a drawback. It’s a time suck for domain investors!

I’m not one of those people who constantly checked my Afternic account for “on hold” domains that were in the process of being sold. But now, I tend to log in to Afternic to check out Lead Center.

For the past week, I’ve been checking on the status of a $5,500 sale that the buyer agreed to, but Afternic has been awaiting payment. And I’m always eager to see which domains have active leads (currently five, as shown in the image).

It’s great to see progress. But here’s the thing: constantly checking Lead Center doesn’t help me. Reviewing inquiry and offering data over time is good, but knowing what’s in progress right now doesn’t help my domains sell. It just creates anxiety. Afternic will let me know when it closes a deal.

So as the U.S. rolls into a holiday weekend, consider logging out. Take a break from Lead Center. The data will still be there after Independence Day.

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