Afternic reveals January’s top-selling keywords in the domain aftermarket

My, AI and Home top the charts.

Chart showing Afternic keywords for January. They are (with previous month in parenthesis): my (1) ai (3) home (7) it (nr) health (nr) bet (9) group (nr) your (nr) life (nr) club (nr) pro (5) online (nr) new (2) capital (nr) house (16) best (4) world (nr) tech (nr) solutions (nr) services (nr)

Afternic has published the top keywords sold on its aftermarket for January.

The words on this month’s list are much more expected than some of the oddballs on the previous list. Florida? Sky? Blue? Those were weird ones. It made me think one big buyer swooped up a lot of domains.

So how should domain investors use this list?

If you check these lists each month, you’ll note that some of the same keywords show up repeatedly: my, health, bet, and many others. These are good keywords to consider when reviewing domains to buy.

Also, keep your eye out for trending keywords. AI has become a stalwart on the list after the AI trend took off.

OK, here’s the list:

  1. my (1)
  2. ai (3)
  3. home (7)
  4. it (nr)
  5. health (nr)
  6. bet (9)
  7. group (nr)
  8. your (nr)
  9. life (nr)
  10. club (nr)
  11. pro (5)
  12. online (nr)
  13. new (2)
  14. capital (nr)
  15. house (16)
  16. best (4)
  17. world (nr)
  18. tech (nr)
  19. solutions (nr)
  20. services (nr)

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