After $100 million in funding, DoiT International secures

This large company upgraded from a hyphenated domain name.

Home page of DoiT, showing the DoiT logo and the words "Expect more from your cloud"
DoiT recently upgraded to

Cloud computing is commonplace today, with on-demand, distributed systems used by most of the top firms around the world. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure lead an industry that continues to grow yearly.

Statista suggests that the worldwide public cloud computing market will be worth $495 billion in 2022, with a predicted rise to $600 billion in 2023. In such a lucrative industry, dozens of cloud management platforms and other associated services are vying for business from both small and large end-users.

One such company is DoiT International, a Santa Clara-based cloud management platform used by companies including AutoTrader,, and Current. The company helps other businesses optimize their cloud costs while also providing consultations and technical services.

Founded in 2011, the company secured $100 million in Series A funding in 2019, which remains its only publicly disclosed funding round to date, according to Crunchbase.

Until recently, DoiT International has been operating its business on, a sub-par domain name for a company entrusted with the digital security and management of some sizable firms. All the while, the shorter, premium domain was laying dormant in a privacy-protected NameCheap account.

Whois data shows that moved away from NameCheap to a privacy-protected Google Domains account towards the beginning of September 2022. Google Domains is also the registrar of choice for

While a registrar switch doesn’t necessarily signal an ownership change, the acquisition of by DoiT International was confirmed days later after the company transitioned its entire platform to the premium four-letter domain. The switch from to was completed covertly, with DoiT International making no public announcement about the company’s new digital home.

Although moving from to doesn’t directly impact the fortunes of DoiT International, the new domain provides an excellent first impression to anyone unfamiliar with the brand.

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