Adsense moving from pay-per-click to pay-per-impression

Goodbye, pay-per-click revenue.

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Google Adsense is making changes to how publishers monetize with its service.

In a post today, the company outlined the two changes.

One is a move from pay-per-click to pay-per-impression for payments. The company says this update “will provide a more uniform way for paying publishers for their ad space across Google’s products and third-party platforms, helping them compare with other technology providers they use.”

It’s unclear to me if this is an actual change in how traffic is monetized or just how it will be presented to publishers. Given that Google has multiple ways of charging advertisers, I think it’s primarily the latter.

Second, the company is changing how it shares revenue with publishers. Previously, it shared 68%. Now, it takes different cuts if the ads are from Google or a third-party network. The company says publishers can still expect to take home about 68% of revenue generated on their sites.

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