A dozen end user domain buyers including Klarna

Klarna, a San Francisco media organization, and a test prep company bought domain names this week.

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It was a frustrating week to find end user sales at Sedo. Just about every domain had redacted Whois and only a handful of domains forwarded to active websites. Still, I was able to uncover a dozen sales to end users.

I never convert currencies when ranking the list. But if two domains have the same price in different currencies, I put the sale with the more valuable currency above the others. Usually, this means putting Euro sales above USD. But at the time I’m writing this, the Euro and USD are at parity. So for the fun of it, USD sales come first this week when there’s a tie.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Blockbeat.com €7,500 – The San Francisco Standard, a news organization, is launching Blockbeat for local neighborhood newsletters.

GuideScape.com $5,000 – GuydeForge LLC bought this domain for GuydesScape, which definitely fails the radio test.

Kosma.de €5,000 – Buy Now Pay Later company Klarna launched the Kosma subbrand earlier this year for its open banking platform. The domain currently forwards to Klarna.com.

Metaflash.io $4,995 – Metaflash’s website says it’s “A Decentralized, Free and Open Flash Loan Aggregation Tool.”

StratusPrep.com $3,995 – Stratus Prep is a test preparation company.

Ausgehen.com €3,900 – A Coming Soon page includes links to social media accounts. All I can gather from them is that this will be a culture or events website. The name translates to “Go Out” in German.

Unblock.ch €2,995 – Unblock is a crypto wallet service that uses unblock.co. It forwards this Switzerland ccTLD to the .co.

CHPM.com $2,800 – CHPM sells clothing and accessories on Amazon.

Binance.id $2,777 – The domain changed from a Sedo lander to forward to Binance.com, but I can’t be sure the crypto exchange bought it.

SciFair.org $2,500 – This site provides guides and tips for science fair projects.

CancerStemCell.com $2,500 – Total Health Institute is a regenerative health clinic in Illinois.

Meteo.uk €2,000 – Meteo.uk is a weather site for the UK.

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