2022’s top domain sales: where are they now

Here’s a look at the top ten sales charted at DNJournal.

Graphic with top ten in green letters and green arrows

DNJournal keeps a running tally of the top publicly revealed domain sales each year. The 2022 list is in the books and the top ten sales on the 2022 list range from $1,008,925 to $15 million. It took at least seven figures to make the top ten for the year.

Ron Jackson and I went through the list on the podcast last week. Here’s a review of sales as reported by DNJournal, along with how the domains are being used now.

NFTs.com $15,000,000 – This is a weird one. The transaction involved both GoDaddy and Escrow.com, so the buyer paid some legit fees. But the domain still hasn’t been developed and instead has a coming soon message and promo for the broker of the deal, which has a connection to the buyer.

Connect.com $10,000,000 – Hubspot acquired this domain for a directory and network of marketing professionals.

IT.com $3,800,000 – A company acquired this domain on a payment plan in 2021 with plans to offer subdomains under it.com, such as software.it.com. At the time, I raised a couple of concerns. One is if the business model has any chance of succeeding. The other was the risk of registering third level domains under a domain that isn’t even fully owned by the company. The latter was resolved when the company paid the domain off early in 2022.

Galaxy.com – $1,800,000 – Web3 companies bought some big domains last year. I don’t know if that will continue in 2023. The buyer of this domain claims, “Galaxy is a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, startups, and qualified individuals shape a changing economy.”

Call.com – $1,600,000 – This is at least the fourth time this domain has sold.  The entrepreneur who runs Desktop.com was involved in the purchase (podcast).

Chill.com – $1,600,000 – A CBD products company bought this domain (podcast).

Gems.com – $1,500,000 – Gem Shopping Network bought this domain and promises a new site that’s still under development.

Unlock.com – $1,228,200 – Unlock Technologies, Inc. lets homeowners get some of the equity out of their homes.

Ballet.com – $1,160,235 – A cryptocurrency company bought this domain.

Stable.com – $1,008,925 – It’s been nearly a year since this sale was announced and the domain still resolves to a parking page. My guess is the domain was purchased for a stablecoin offering.

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