20 more five figure .xyz domains developed this year

Here are 20 more real .xyz sales to end users.

I was going to write an article about the latest questioning of .xyz domain sales, but yesterday Elliot posted a better article than I was going to write.

Instead, I’ll add a few things to consider and look at more big .xyz domain sales that have been developed this year. It’s a follow-up to my article in June featuring 18 five figure .xyz domain sales this year that have already been developed.

First, I want to mention a few things I think people are overlooking when they look at Swetha Yenugula’s .xyz domain sales.

1. Swetha acquired the almost all of her 20,000+ domains without premiums. .Xyz didn’t have premiums through the reg path when it launched, so if you bought at the launch or picked up expired domains (that didn’t fully delete) later, then there are no premiums. [Update: I checked with the registry and they did have Premium tiers at launch. I also checked with Swetha and she said only one of the domains she owns is a premium.] Not only do non-premium domains sell better, but you can get more reach through networks that won’t take premium domains.

2. Swetha’s sales didn’t come out of nowhere. She played the long game and didn’t make much at first, but plowed her profits back into more domains.

3. Transaction fees for buying and selling domains are quite high, which reduces the incentive to make the “wash sales” you see with NFTs. With NFTs, you can sell domains to yourself (in a different wallet) or amongst friends to make it look like there’s more demand and higher prices. You’re only paying a point or two versus 10%-20%.

OK, now let’s look at .xyz domains that sold for five figures this year that have been developed or forwarded. These are on top of the 18 I featured earlier this year, and don’t include two forwards (Sino.xyz $119,911, Joy.xyz $25,000). Most of these sales were from Swetha (but not all of them_.

Capital.xyz $105,000

Homepage of capital.xyz

Capital calls itself “Banking build for founders”.


Pixels.xyz $74,980

Homepage for pixels.xyz

Pixels is a metaverse play that has me seriously missing 80s video games.


Artemis.xyz $53,899

Artermis.xyz home page

Artemis builds dashboards and sheet plugins for crypto investors and builders to accurately compare and evaluate crypto assets.


Keys.xyz $50,000

Keys.xyz home page image

This site says it’s building a metaverse technology.


Kinetic.xyz $40,000

kinetic.xyz home page screenshot

Kinetic pulls together NFTs from multiple blockchains.


Happening.xyz $40,000

Happening.xyz home page screenshot

Happening is working with Superbet Group for sports betting.


Bebop.xyz $39,888

bepop.xyz home page screenshot

Bebob lets you trade multiple tokens at the same time.


Territory.xyz $39,888

Territory.xyz home page screenshot

Territory says it will be a web3 ecosystem & NFT marketplace for film & video.


Mural.xyz $39,888

Mural.xyz home page screenshot

Mural helps companies engage with their customers.


Anagram.xyz $29,888

Anagram home page screenshot

Another business promoting web3 “ownership”.


Redeem.xyz $28,000

Redeem.xyz home page screenshot

Redeem is a customer rewards platform.


Mythic.xyz $24,980

Mythic Protocol home page at mythic.xyz

Mythic is a web3 game.


Singular.xyz $24,500

Singular.xyz home page screenshot

Singular is an NFT trading platform.


Mantle.xyz $23,420

Mantle.xyz home page screenshot

Mantle claims it’s the “the highest performance layer-2 blockchain, combining modular performance with security and decentralization from Ethereum. Mantle powers anything builders can dream.”


Evermore.xyz $14,888

Evermore.xyz home page screenshot

I guess if you turn your love into an NFT it can’t be broken. Unless you build that into the smart contract.


Overlord.xyz $14,888

overlord.xyz home page screenshot

Overlord is a web3 game.


Scalar.xyz $12,654

Scalar.xyz home page screenshot

Scalar is an NFT service from arcade.xyz.


Blowfish.xyz $10,523

Blowfish.xyz home page screenshot

Blowfish is a crypto security company.


Mozart.xyz $10,000

Mozart.xyz home page screenshot

Mozart helps game developers introduce NFTs to their games.


Antic.xyz $10,000

Antic.xyz home page

Antic enables co-ownership of digital assets. The company raised $7 million September.

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