18 five-figure .XYZ domain sales this year that have been developed

Here are 18 expensive .xyz domain acquisitions that have already been developed into websites.

.Xyz domains have been selling like crazy this year thanks to adoption by the web3 community. Domain sales tracker NameBio counts 50 sales through the end of May this year of $10,000 or more.  Four have sold for $100,000 or more.

I recently checked all 50 domains to see how they’re being used. Many of these domains are in various stages of development, but 18 have active websites. Here’s what I found:

1. Momentum.xyz $69,888

Momentum.xyz home page for metaverse societies

A company called Odyssey bought this domain for its brand Momentum, of which it says “Momentum enables digital societies to create, build and scale together in an open source decentralized metaverse network. Built on Kusama, Momentum offers the place for the Dotsama community to gather, engage in on-chain and off-chain activities – staking, parachain auctions, governance, and gatherings, as a shared experience in the metaverse.”


2. Fortress.xyz $59,888


Fortress.xyz home page says it's "crypto without the confusion"

Fortress says it’s Crypto without the confusion: Plug and play widgets, tools, and APIs that handle wallets, payments, token minting, and everything in between enabling crypto innovators to onboard the next billion people into blockchain.


3. Move.xyz $50,000

Move.xyz home page says "Let's start an art movement"

Move aims to use DAOs to assist movements. For example, a group that wants to promote social, public good or environmental change could set up a DAO through its platform. It’s selling a token to fund the project.


4. Paramount.xyz $45,000

Screenshot of paramount.xyz which promotes Paramount brand NFTs

This was a brand purchase for Paramount. It uses it to promote NFTs and other digital goods for its brands including Star Trek, Top Gun, and Nickelodeon.


5. Taiko.xyz $39,888

Taiko.xyz home page with the words "A decentralized ZK-Rollup with EVM compatibility pushed to the limit"

I might need some translation help on this one. Taiki is building a decentralized ZK-Rollup with EVM compatibility. A taiko is a type of Japanese percussion instrument.

6. Primitive.xyz $39,888

Primitive.xyz website says "derivatives without counterparties"

Primitive’s tagline is “Derivatives Without Counterparties”. It claims that people can redeem collateral and earned yield on demand rather than waiting for them to mature.


7. Roundtable.xyz $35,000

Homepage for Roundtable.xyz says "The World's first ownership marketing platform for brands"

Roundtable promises to turn fans into owners, presumably by offering them some sort of equity in a business or project for helping to promote it.


8. Otherside.xyz $29,888

Logo for Otherside metaverse by Yuga Labs has otherside reflected upside down

Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, acquired this domain to launch its metaverse project.


9. Streams.xyz $27,888

Website for streams.com offering passive income

You may be disappointed in your bank, but do some due diligence before putting your money into this service that promises you can earn 100x the national savings rate, secured by Ethereum.


10. Campground.xyz $27,888

Campground.xyz home page says "Welcome to campground" and has a picture of its app for joining music communities

Campground is a music app where fans can get together to communicate, curate playlists, etc.


11. Affinity.xyz $24,999

Affinity.xyz website for the Affinity Collective, NFTs

Affinity will be like a mastermind for people in the web3 space: “We are building a passion first NFT-gated private community, which will have the feel of an ongoing high level virtual mastermind. Affinity Collective’s membership is for the builders, the creators, the web3 curious, the doers. We are creating a focused collective with like minded, “anything is possible” mindset individuals. People that act in minutes, hours and days and think long term, in decades.”


12. Bailout.xyz $19,888

Bailout.xyz home page says "Loans for your NFTs with liquidity pools, not oracles"

I don’t quite understand the name, but this is a lending platform for NFTs.


13. Titles.xyz $16,000

Titles.xyz homepage with the words "A new platform for creatively expressing what's happening across the web3 community."

Titles is another web3 fandom site.


14. Sort.xyz $16,000

logo for sort has the word SORT in raised letters with pink

Sort lets users query and visualize smart contract data.


15. Vessel.xyz $16,000

vessel.xyz home page says "Vessel: your passport for the internet Seamlessly explore the internet with Vessel. Keep both your digital identity and crypto assets in this secure browser extension and adventure into Web3 and Web2."

Vessel is a Google Chrome plugin. It promises to help you “Keep both your digital identity and crypto assets in this secure browser extension and adventure into Web3 and Web2.”


16. Storyverse.xyz $15,000

Storyverse.xyz web page showing bored ape and other NFTs

Storyverse says it’s “a no-code interactive storytelling game publishing platform on the blockchain” and “The Storyverse is a blockchain project focused on no-code game publishing tools for PFP communities. It empowers PFP owners to create and publish personalized interactive storytelling games about their own PFPs and then post links to them anywhere on the web. The UGC tools put PFP character development and lore in the hands of the community and give birth to a new generation of interactive community-created games – known as stories – for people to play.”


17. Beem.xyz $14,888

Homepage for Beem, a web3 video live streaming & distribution platform

Beem is a web3 video live streaming platform.


18. Curious.xyz $14,000

Webpage for Curious.xyz, which says "Ask us anything related to Web3 – we'll answer within a day."

Curious is like a Quora about web3.

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