16 new end user domain name sales

A mastermind facilitator, an NFT business, and Cisco bought domain names.

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Sedo reported some nice four and five-figure domain name sales for the past week.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could determine a buyer. You can view previous lists like this here.

UpstreamData.com $19,000 – Upstream Data builds data centers.

May-Design.com €16,000 – H. MAY GmbH & Co. KG is a furniture design company. This domain forwards to its website at may-kg.de.

TheHydrogen.com $10,800 – Well, this is an odd one. A bank called Access Bank Plc bought this domain. When I google “Access Bank” + hydrogen I don’t get any results. A site search pulls up a report about an Access Bank Green Bond. [Update: see comments. This bank is setting up a payments unit called Hydrogen.]

CollectArt.com $10,000 – The website says this will be an NFT site. The domain forwards to collect.art.

Meraki.jp $9,999 – Cisco bought this domain name for its Meraki brand of cloud services.

NomadInsurance.com $7,400 – So far, Nomad Insurance has a splash page letting people sign up for updates.

Lealta.com $6,000 – Pet goods store Lealta forwards this shorter version of its domain name to LealtaShop.com.

M3Mastermind.com $6,000 – M3 Mastermind LLC facilitates masterminds for business teams.

QLF.de €6,000 – German supplements company Quantum Leap Fitness bought this domain name. It forwards to its longer address, quantumleapfitness.de.

Coinnect.com $5,000 – Coinnect is a cyber security company. It uses the matching .io domain name.

CloudDisk.com $4,600 – Korean IT company Megazone Corp.

WeQuite.de €2,990 – WeQuit is a German service to help people quit smoking.

SunInvest .com €2,500 – This site purports to offer AI-based crypto trading with average annual returns over 90%. Hmm.

InnovationTower.de €2,499 – Innovation Tower in Süßen, in the south of Germany, is a sweet building! This domain forwards to the matching .com domain.

Cozwei.de €2,380 – This domain forwards to effizienzpioniere.de, a site about energy upgrades. This domain translates as “co2” in German.

Ustronianka.com €2,250 – Ustronianka Sp. z o.o., a mineral water company in Poland, bought this domain.

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