14 new end user domain sales up to $30,000

A reflexologist, a business travel company, and a crypto service bought domain names.

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Sedo had some nice five figure domain sales this past week including CardGrading.com for $30,000.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could determine a buyer. You can view previous lists like this here.

CardGrading.com $30,000 – The domain has a logo and a coming soon page. Card grading is a term used in collectible card trading such as baseball cards.

HappyPixel.com $10,000 – Lateral, Inc. is some sort of business incubator. I suspect this is the name of a new product or service.

Oveo.com $10,000 – Oveo SAS in France bought this domain. I’m not sure which company this is because several have this name.

SuperCube.com $7,900 – SparkLab in Belgium bought this domain. I’m not sure if this is the augmented reality collaboration or a different business.

Bardohn.de €7,500 – Bardohn forwards to buerobardohn.de. Bardohn is a consulting firm for publishers.

TheComm.com $6,500 – Goya Real Estate S.L. likely acquired this domain for one of its development projects.

Reflexology.co.uk £3,495 – Reflexologist Parham Donyai created this site about reflexology.

Klerk.com £2,998 – Klerk is a business travel booking service.

WEM.digital €2,500 – Wolter E-Marketing GmbH currently uses w-em.com for its website. That hyphen is definitely a burden. The .digital domain forwards to the .com.

TSC.fr €2,450 – This site is mostly password protected at this point, but it has a logo. I’m not sure what business this is.

TrySherpa .com $2,499 – Sherpa says it “enables teams to build, launch, and manage global fintech and crypto products, quickly and cost effectively.”

Senss.de €2,200 – I’m going to need help from a German reader for this one. The domain forwards to unperfekt.de/seid-euch-nicht-so-sicher. You’ll note that the part after the dot can be shortened to SENSS. It translates to “don’t be so sure” in English according to Google Translate. I’m utterly confused when I go to the root domain. But at the bottom of the pages, it mentions something about a hotel.

IFSB.com $2,000 – This is a short name for Iowa Falls State Bank in Iowa. What a steal!

Gas.gr €2,000 – The domain forwards to oxygonotechniki.gr, the site for an industrial engineering business. The company also owns oxygaz.gr. Gaz is greek for gas.

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